Marginal Notion: Functional Heuristics

February 23, 2009

posted and written by Caroline Picard

Marginal Notion No. 79032

A new movement of objects and construction. Following on the heels of the organic food movement, where customers found such satisfaction in the unique handmade character of their consumables, customers will find new satisfaction in their environment when they can see how its parts are constructed.

Yes! This is it – the fashion of making. Move away from the modernist – sleek and uniform, and tend instead toward sensibility. With Functional Heuristics, objects are made to tell their purpose, to expose in their very construction the secrets if their functionality. Imagine chair made such that, with a simple study of its form, one can decipher the exact point of weight distribution, its joints etc., or better yet a radio that essentially reveals the way it works. Every object in your home bears its intentions and science on the surface, so that its purpose can be reproduced – in the imagination at least.

Through this line of products the individual can feel at home in the world–no longer alienated from the inner workings of technology.


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