Newcity Features our current Artist Mathew Jinks for his new show The Queen’s Tailor

February 20, 2009

posted by caroline picard

hey check it out! Newcity’s Danny Orendorff wrote a great article discussing the Jinks piece that’s up at the moment. For any of you who haven’t seen it and want to (it’s well worth it) we’re having an artist talk screening on the 28th of February at 2pm. Otherwise you can always email: to make a reservation.

Portrait of the Artist: Mathew Paul Jinks

The year 1950 saw India signing into effect a new constitution, officially marking the nation as a republic free from British rule. One year later, Ealing Studios, England’s oldest film-production company, released the film “The Man in the White Suit,” a satire starring Alec Guinness as a befuddled, good-natured scientist whose invention of a glowing white fabric that cannot deteriorate or stain is meant as an altruistic gesture towards the common man. Yet, the material threatens to undo the entire textile industry and is instead met with hostility and alarm, particularly by labor unions.

India’s independence and the release of the film, two events (one historic and the other quite banal) at first seem mutually exclusive. Yet, for English artist Mathew Paul Jinks, who generations later now works and lives in Chicago, there is something of a post-colonial parable betwixt the two—particularly considering that India is today one of the greatest exporters of textiles, an industry employing millions and millions of people, and fraught with tricky, trans-national power relations.

…to read the rest of the article, see some images and video go here.


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