Something I’ve been working on…

February 9, 2009

posted and written by Caroline Picard

it’s part of a larger, fiction piece…


They are sitting around a diner table at Tattooed Mom’s, the taco bar and tattoo parlor, with the tattoos upstairs, where it gets rough. Where gingerly the young girls would sometimes go to use the bathroom if down below, the regular toilet boasted too long a line. And gingerly through the darkened cavern of the space, the younger delicates saw the older people, men no longer boys and women no longer girls, drinking as they might have when, younger themselves, they had occupied an overlooked segment of society: the place where Privilege abandoned the promise of upward mobility and languished instead in an interminable succession of present moments. Upstairs, women in tank tops, the skin loose at their elbows, smiled while smoking in a kind of cringe, baring tea-colored crooked teeth, their necks tattooed with old jokes now stale, skinny jeans and sneakers. And the men, scraggly scarecrows or thick-necked brawlers, the whites of their eyes glassy, riddled with the fine feathers of broken capillaries, swearing wild as sailors. They laugh, all of them, hearty laughs that nevertheless sound broken and brittle as though springing from a marinade of tears. None have escaped and having pushed the thought of mortality aside so long, they now sit, empty, without responsibilities and tired by drink, waxing nostalgia; they wait for something like death to call them on. The bathroom upstairs is wretched. Covered in shit. The stench circulates the larger room by trembling fans overhead.


2 Responses to “Something I’ve been working on…”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    “trembling fans overhead” is a bloody great line, Caroline. Very keen observation. Keep at it, kid…

  2. urbesque Says:

    hey thanks-
    you just made my day : )

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