Regarding Memoirs, Presidents & Oprah

January 29, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

I happened upon two articles today that seemed in keeping with Nick’s recent blog thread about memoirs, strategies for publication and the ever-looming albatross: The Publishing Industry.

To that end, I’d recommend checking out this haughty “Shout & Murmus” letter entitled “My Holocaust Memoir,” published recently in the New Yorker.

And too, this article in Newsweek where speculation of how much Bush might be able to get for a memoir post presidency (apparently Clinton got a mere $10 million where Bush’s is apparently going for a rate of $2). Of course I’m not too worried about a president becoming a pauper, since there will likely be some people out there interested in what he has to say, and right so, afterall the man ran the whitehouse, right? I can’t imagine turning down a drink opportunity, but of course I’m curious about all people, whether I agree with them or not.

Point being, it’s interesting that such a speculative article would take stock of the flagging publisher’s market…which, as I said, has been a regular topic of interest on our little blog.


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