January 28, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard



Years ago, just after college, a group of friends and I found ourselves in the Bay Area. We managed to take up different parts of different towns, as though determined to find his or her own separate space. I think it must have stemmed from a default, post-college mentality that was never discussed; it was assumed that since we’d graduated from school, we were officially grown up and should not, therefore, fall into old habits of communal living, but rather explore the communal living of strangers in order to expand and develop ourselves. Which, I guess, (and surprisingly; I’m always surprised when my 23 year old self revealed good-thinking–likely such instances were accidental), was good thinking.

After a few months on a couch in Bolinas, Lucas Ford moved into an old warehouse in Oakland. He bout a Cherokee truck that was broken into about three times a month (its parts stolen slowly, until at last the fisher price tape cassette player he’d found as a replacement to the car radio was finally swiped as well), and he collected a giant log of drift wood (about three feet in diameter), hoisted this up in the middle of his 100 square foot bedroom with 15 foot ceilings and incandescent light. Sometimes I would come to see him for a morning coffee and he would clamber around on that log, perfecting a variety of acrobatic moves that he’d discovered on one or another of his late nights.

I believe that log was the beginning of this show. Lucas doesn’t live in a loft anymore. He doesn’t work construction, collecting the trash for people with him he couldn’t communicate (he didn’t speak Spanish and they didn’t speak English). He’s started a business of his own, a high-end carpenter, I believe. Among other things, he did all the wood work for Kara’s Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square–keep in mind that the wharf is nearby and, therefore, the public walking tour of pulleys.

All this is a round about way of saying friend and California artist Lucas Ford sent me these images from a show taking place at The Art Shop at 5861 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland California. (I’ve been looking for a link to the website, but came up empty handed. If any of you know the website/contact info/gallery hours holla! and we’ll post it.) The show is up for a month. It opened on January 15th and looks awesome. so. check it out if you get the chance.







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