Deathless: The Super Hero (from Bygone(s))

January 23, 2009

posted & written by Caroline Picard

also, in another style is this incredible story about deathlessness and mustard seed.


“Would you want to be immortal, if you could choose?” Neil asked. They were sitting on a pier in Annapolis, feet slung in stagnant water, just beyond the barbershop on West Street. The barber opened his store at five p.m. and closed at four a.m. Between those hours, old black men sat on the bench outside, some of them drinking. Sometimes their children jumped rope in the street. The barber was unlocking his front door. He turned on his barber pole. Neil was eating fried chicken. Bridget was drinking beer. She was holding a stick like it was a fishing pole. Pretending.
“I don’t think life would mean anything if we lived forever,” Bridget said with a lofty voice, her father already sick.
“Does it mean anything anyway?”
“I just wouldn’t give a shit about anything if I was deathless.” Her shadow was fishing.
“That’d be a good name for a superhero. Deathless.”
“I like the idea that that’d be his only power.”


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