Human to environment. Environment to human. A dichotomy.

January 17, 2009


photo by Meredith Kooi

January 15, 2009

An introduction.

Human to environment. Environment to human.

A dichotomy.

by Meredith Kooi

I was watching the birds eat seed from a feeder today amongst the deep snow, clear skies, and negative numbers.  I wondered how the birds stay outside while I cannot even fathom being out there.  I stay inside and eat from the fridge while they remain outside eating in the frigid.  Its curious how the birds manage to keep their tiny bodies warm in these temperatures.

It is hard to think about global warming in temperatures like these.  It is easy to say that global warming cannot possibly exist when you are just so cold.  But, up north in the Arctic, the polar bears (link to are in crisis.  It is not just global warming, but global climate change that we need to think about.  How are we connected to the Arctic?  How is the Arctic connected to us?  So human, this is the environment.  And environment, this is human.

In thinking of the birds, I remember Brandon Ballengée’s (link to work that I saw a few months ago at the Biological Agents:  Artistic Engagements in out Growing Bio-Culture show at Gallery 400 (link to Gallery 400 – .  The show presented his research project MALAMP UK, which stands for MALformed AMPhibian.  He showcases the tiny deformed amphibians he collected using staining techniques, making the animals electric reds and blues.  In doing so, we can begin to see our relationships to these creatures and the impacts of our actions upon them.  We can begin to see that we are linked to each other.


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