The Conjoining of Paper

January 15, 2009

Today I found this on my old computer.  I have no recollection of writing it.  

– Lily Robert-Foley

stapler_stabos-b44bgThey had all gathered there together to discuss a matter of great importance in philosophy. They represented four diverse subjectivities facing a stapler. They were to discuss the object in its culturally enriched form, as what it means. Meaning is assumed to be inherent in the object in a magical fashion. There was a pharmacist from a cold and dry climate, a bureaucrat from a cold and rainy climate, a peasant from a hot and dry climate and a poet from a hot and rainy climate. He regarded them scientifically, scrupulous and dubious of his own assertions and therefore a melancholic. He took toxins twice a week that consisted of a inscriptions written on several pieces of paper ingested at the mouth. They were stapled in the left hand corner, of course, and the staple is ingested in a similar fashion simultaneously with the ingestion of the inscriptions written on several pieces of paper. The staple is essential for the coagulation of fluids in the blood stream, a randomization of plasma, a mincing of words, a toleration of chaos which allowed him to live with himself, he was so heavy.


What was the stapler to Dr. Farmer? He parceled the meaning of the stapler into categories: value, function, history, form, appearance, movements, mise-en-scene, navel and the layers of meaning transference which consisted of irony, linguistic abstraction, imagistic abstraction, combination, infusion, suffusion, domination, alienation, window, wall and translucence. These categories can repeat in the detailing of meaning within an object, seeing as they are merely meant to represent movements in a series and not meaning itself. Since the motion of meaning is multi-circular, one can begin anywhere and get everywhere or nowhere.


He would have begun with appearance, but appearance has no meaning and that likewise no category on the list has any singular autonomous meaning. So he began with two categories at once. Dr. Farmer felt irked by the necessity of accomodating irregularities into the logic that sustained the very system he was working with. But time is of the essence. It must begin, he thought to himself, as a family tree must begin, not with one but with two, which makes the whole origin of the human race an issue in my project—since a bond of reasoning is a magical bond. He began with appearance and form, since that was alphabetical.


A. The conjunction between appearance and form; The way the stapler compares to other staplers.

B. The conjunction between motion A. and function; Does the stapler work?

C. The Conjunction between B and value; Hard work pays off.


premise one. The conjunction between the categories of appearance, form, function and value produces the meaning magically inherent in the stapler of perseverance and discipline for the pharmacist. Bodily motion infused into the world making money and meaning. This has many similarities to the pharmacists life that the conjunction between A, B and C could work to produce


D. The conjunction between A., B., C., and history, since the farmer was raised in a small town and was picked on as a child, although he had a few other ratty discarded friends. One stole things, was dirty, got in trouble and spoke with poor grammar, another was fat and the other was the son of a crazy person. He was the shy kind, people thought he was scrawny and bigger stronger kids picked on him. He couldn’t relate to many people, since he spent most of his time flirting with metaphysics and building alchemical machines to contact the dead in his basement. He was very good with people though. He was nervous around them and had a hard time standing up to people when he was treated unfairly. Thank God for his friend, the filthy poverty-stricken degenerate who is the constant focus ot the young doctor’s gaze. To him, the young boy, his best friend, Carlos, was everything he wanted to be but was not. He was brazen and brash and explosive.


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