Selections from my high school literary journal, part 2

January 15, 2009

Posted by Nick Sarno


One of the few names I actually remember in Through the Mind’s Eye belongs to the author of this poem. He was a friend, though the kind of friend who scared you a little bit. He was tough and he wasn’t a bully about it. It felt good to know he was on your side, and yet you dreaded the day when he would not be. 


One day I was in his room and noticed a book under the hockey equipment and stacks of Thrasher which were heaped on his desk. I pulled it out, careful not to knock the rest of it to the floor. It was an illustrated history of the Egyptians. “An illustrated history of the Egyptians” makes the book sound a bit more scholarly than what it actually was: a book with colored drawings of mummies and pyramids. Having spent hours on the living room floor watching episodes of Nova, I considered myself a bit of an Egyptologist. “What’s this?” I asked, thrilled to have found a softer side to my friend. Sheepishly, as though embarrassed to have been found with a book, he said, “I don’t know. The Egyptians were pretty badass.”


I agreed. The Egyptians were certainly badass.


He began digging around the corner of his room that served as a sock drawer, returning with something in his hand. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s a pop can full of gunpowder and ball bearings. Let’s go set it off.” Suddenly struck with a new appreciation for my eyesight, I told him I had to be home.


The Egyptians may have been badass, but I doubt they ever set off a pop can full of gunpowder and ball bearings. 


The last I heard, he was arrested in Florida for smuggling drugs in from Cuba. He was living with the girl from my Latin class that I once had a crush on. I like to think this was foreshadowed by his unusual rhyming of “drugs” and “drugs”, but maybe I’m reading too much into it. 


From Where I See It


From where I see it

the world is messed up.


From where I see it

my friends are using drugs.


From where I see it

young kids are dying from

guns, AIDS, and drugs.


From where I see it

people don’t seem to care

about what happens.


From where I see it

clothes are so important.


From where I see it

the world is in a state

of destruction.


From where I see it

we will not be here much longer!


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