Creative Non-Fiction, part 2

January 10, 2009

Posted by Nick Sarno


From the NY Times:

Days after Berkley Books announced that it was canceling the publication of the memoir “Angel at the Fence,” after its author, Herman Rosenblat, acknowledged that he had falsified parts of his story, an independent publisher said it was negotiating to release the book as a work of fiction.

In the memoir Mr. Rosenblat wrote that he met his future wife during the Holocaust, when he was a prisoner at a concentration camp in Germany and she would throw him apples from outside the camp. The book was canceled after scholars disputed the truth of that and other details. But York House Press, a publisher in White Plains, said it was in discussions to release the book as a work of fiction called “Flower at the Fence.” In a statement on its Web site,, York House said, “We believe Mr. Rosenblat’s motivations were very human, understandable and forgivable.”


For more on the brouhaha, check out the always fun

On a personal note, I’d be interested in seeing Oprah invite a 79 year old on her show, only to rip him a new one. Good times.


One Response to “Creative Non-Fiction, part 2”

  1. urbesque Says:

    i like imagining that she would cry, sympathizing with all those who actually did have women throw fruit at them from across the fence. it would be an angry kind of crying, because how dare someone pretend to know what that felt like.

    can we make a rock song called “o oprah”
    in the style of “o yoko?”


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