Digital Artifacts Magazine

December 22, 2008

Digital Artifact Magazine
Issue 2: Transnationalism


Digital Artifact Magazine is a Web based journal that explores digital and global culture using hybrid aesthetic tactics. Issue 2: Transnationalism includes fiction, poetry, essays and translations along with sound pieces, video, and images. Whether lingering in airport waiting zones or interrogating the idea of a boundary line, the works in Digital Artifact’s latest issue question the inscriptions of nationalism, locality and genre, and explore the possibilities of transnational artistic practices.

Including works by: Ghada Abdelquadar, Emily Abendroth, Mary Burger, Rachel Carvosso, Marcus Civin, Anna Paola Civardi, Renee Evans, Cassandra Feelings, Linda Ford, Hilary Kaplan, Marco Lean, Georgina Lewis, Chana Morgenstern, Juliana Mundim, Kirthi Nath, Mamoru Okuno, Soo Na Pak, Francis Raven, Lily Robert-Foley, deNNis M. SOmeRA and Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi

Stay tuned for Issue 3 call for submissions ~ coming soon.


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