When Does It or You Begin? (Memory as Innovation)

December 21, 2008

A January festival of writing, performance, and video curated by Amina Cain & Jennifer Karmin.
date:  January 09, 2009    08:00PM
venue: Links Hall
location: 3435 N. Sheffield, Chicago, IL, The United States
website: http://www.linkshall.org

Beginning on January 9/ending February 1, When Does It or You Begin? (Memory as Innovation) explores the ways new forms of expression are created from the recollections of individuals, groups, positions, and places. Moving from subject to action, in between imagination and lived experience, the festival draws together writers and artists who take memory as a site of curiosity and absorption. Who are we when we remember? 

Weekend 1: (January 9-11) Individual Memory – A Celebration for Hannah Weiner featuring Lee Ann Brown, Judith Goldman, Roberto Harrison, Nicole LeGette, Jenny Roberts, Timothy Yu, and video by Abigail Child. 

Weekend 2: (January 16-18) Collective Memory – Collaboration is Group Work featuring Dolores Dorantes, Patrick Durgin, Jen Hofer, Jennifer Karmin, John Keene, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Christopher Stackhouse, Tradeshow, and video by Temporary Services. 

Weekend 3: (January 23-25) Memory’s Encounter – The Language of Position featuring Teresa Carmody, Karen Christopher, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Vanessa Place, Nathalie Stephens (Nathanaël), Christine Stewart, and videos by Gaelen Hanson and Cecilia Viñuna. 

Weekend 4: (January 30- February 1) Memory’s Place – Alternative Sites and Histories featuring Tisa Bryant, Amina Cain, Duriel Harris, Miranda Mellis, ThickRoutes Performance Collage, and videos by Bryan Saner and Chi Jang Yin. 

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