Lit Mob

December 18, 2008

Posted by Nick Sarno


Lit Mob is a relatively new lit review site. (By “relatively new” I mean it’s been online since August. I just found out about it, so it’s new to me, and August wasn’t all that long ago, but five months in the real world is something like four years in webtime.) 


From their “Open Letter to Readers”:


“We obviously think that great literature and a strong and intelligent reader base are alive and well. That the media has chosen to ignore readers is insignificant. We believe in great books and created Lit Mob as a way to showcase those books that are worth your time. We will not be reviewing all books. You will not see the words “John” and “Grisham” placed together anywhere on our site. The new Harry Potter? Sorry, we won’t be covering that either. Like The New York Times Book Review? Great, so do we, but we will be traveling on a much different path than the Good Gray Lady.”


Which means, of course, a focus on independent publishers and booksellers. 


So, yes…go check it out. Right now.


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