December 14, 2008

To enliven the moments, while Winter steals on

                                                As literature is

With a too tardy pace, be the care of each one;

Let rancour and malice be banish’d afar,

            a translation or a revis

Unworthy the pen or the heart of a tar!

The fire of true wit may shine vivid and bright,

Untinctured with satire—unprompted by spite:

                                                   ion of experience, so

We are few, and immured in a desolate spot,

Then let envy, resentment, and pride be forgot;

                         is experience changed by literature.

And while Fate may keep us so near one another,

                                                    This paper a charm

Let each one consider his friend as a brother;

We shall still find enough to enlarge on, no doubt,

Tho’ we have not the charms of a ball or a rout.

                                    or a pair

The mind philosophic may often impart

            of glass

Some instruction from nature, some process of art;


Morality too may embellish the page,

And by soft winning precepts attention engage;

The sportsman with pleasure may lead us to view

                                                                              with which


The toils and the triumphs he oft has gone through;

And each daily occurrence may somewhat afford,

            to alter the meaning of the word

Not unworthy to offer at Dame Reason’s board:

And thus each unfolding the gifts of his mind,


While diffusing his knowledge, yet haply may find,

That though what he gives ne’er reduces his store,

He oft by this intercourse adds something more. 

                                                                       as it floats down

Then let me solicit a part of your leisure

To be weekly devoted to giving us pleasure;

            in the guise

And thus I conclude with good wishes most fervent,

                        of snow.

And beg to subscribe, your obsequious servant


(excerpt from The North Georgia Gazette with annotations in gray by Lily Robert-Foley


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