Phonebook is now available on SPD!

December 11, 2008

posted by Caroline Picard, you can check it out here!
PHONEBOOK 2008/2009 by C. Picard, N. Sarno & S. Stratton, Eds.

PHONEBOOK 2008/2009

C. Picard, N. Sarno & S. Stratton, Eds.

01 Dec 2008
The Green Lantern Press
ISBN: 978-0-9820292-0-6
Price: $15.00

Cultural Writing. Art. Reference. Edited by Caroline Picard, Nick Sarno, and Shannon Stratton. Back by popular demand, PHONEBOOK is the essential travel guide to artist-run centers, small not-for-profit, fringe galleries, and other exhibition and presentation projects. This new edition adds over 50 news spaces in the United States and over 40 Canadian centers alongside updated entries, periodical listings, a series of essays from across the country and some road-trip tips from the editors. PHONEBOOK is a valuable resource for artist and audience alike, connecting a web of makers and projects while acting as an archive of work by smaller organizations and groups throughout the visual arts community. Use PHONEBOOK 2008/2009 as a research tool, as a travel guide to the visual arts, for networking, for exhibition proposals or to facilitate artistic exchanges.


One Response to “Phonebook is now available on SPD!”

  1. Frederic.D Says:

    Hi !

    I am a young researcher and collector coming from Europe, recently relocated in the US (Los Angeles). A few weeks ago I visited Chicago for work but meantimes I tried to detect the unofficial artistic life of the city and in the process came across the name of Caroline Picard and her “Phonebook” publication while browsing this great simple website named

    I would like to contact Caroline Picard or anybody conceptually involved in either “Phonebook” or ?

    my email is
    my facebook page is : Frederic Delachaiselongue
    phone number is 626-497-8905

    Thanks for your help
    have a great day

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