A series of Three

December 10, 2008

posted and painted by caroline picard

based on a series of photographs by vet school candidate Benjamin Young

A Series of Three




Ben Young told me about this horse in an anecdote. He explained that lately he’d been busy at school tending this horse, what was an all-night affair and required shifts of different students. The horse had third degree burns all over it’s body, particularly on its back where a beam from the ceiling of the barn had come crashing down on it. In any other circumstance, the horse would have been put down. However, because the horse had saved its owner, the owner was suffering from guilt. To that end, she was pouring money into the rehabilitation of the horse.

In these images, the horse stands in a veterinary stall that only has two walls. It is tied, by a pulley, to the corner. The rope is taught enough such that the horse cannot scratch itself against anything. Skin grafts have been taken from the horse’s underbelly and laid on top of the horse’s back. The students are constantly tending it’s wounds.

I was given an assignment for a class on Friday that Stephanie Brookes has put together on Nostalgia and Sentimentality. Some of the articles that she provided for that class have been re-typed and posted on this blog, (the Bas Jan Ader, for instance, which many of you seem to enjoy). We were asked to make a piece, or a series of pieces, that functioned as a kind of anti-monument. This is what I came up with. While they are not quite finished, I believe they are close. If anything drastic happens, I’ll repost them later….


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