The New York Times Announces THE END of the Iraq War

November 12, 2008

posted by Caroline Picard


The Iraq War is over, according to the fake New York Times! This morning a cadre of volunteers has fanned out across New York City to pass out a remarkably good, faux-copy of the Times dated July 4, 2009. They’ve even set up an entire website with all of the liberal fantasy headlines. Universities to be free! Bike paths to be expanded! Thomas Friedman to resign, praise the Unitarian Jesus! It’s not funny like The Onion, but obviously a lot of work went into this. Now we play “Who did it?” We already know!:

read more about this here.

and here.

and even here.

you can also see a video about it on vimeo here.

2 Responses to “The New York Times Announces THE END of the Iraq War”

  1. urbesque Says:

    this is kind of an amazing story. there’s an estimated 1.2 million copies of this paper in distribution at the moment. And at the same time, I guess there’s a big scare of being sued.

    Even though, if you ask me, pranks like these are a significant way to take back authorship of the media, and make a point to those on high.

    I’m kind of blown away by the fact that Chicago seems so far away from all of this-


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