Podcasts you might be interested in

November 10, 2008

posted by Caroline Picard


In a way, these things happened a long time ago–these things meaning, these conversations. They are old, but it’s possible you’ve never come across them, so it might make sense to pass them on to you. To archive them here, like a record. The first conversation is the older of the two. I was interviewed about a year ago by bad at sports. While it’s always strange to hear one’s own voice, I think the conversation went relatively well. What I do remember about it is that I felt more nervous as it went on. It’s something I’ve realized about myself, actually. I’m not nervous about anything until I’m about three-quarters of the way through it, and for about an hour after. Not that there was anything to be nervous about, either. The BAS folks were amazing. So, if you’re so inclined you can listen to it here.

The next interview is an inversion of the first, because the same members of that first conversation make a second appearance. In the second interview, Terri Griffith, Joanna Mackenzie and myself are being interviewed by Ben Tanzer, who had just read at The Parlor. In any case you might also enjoy that – you can check that out here.

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