Dealios this Weekend…Brian McNearney & Around the Coyote

October 17, 2008

It’s a busy weekend for many, and The Green Lantern is no exception. In addition to Brian McNearney’s opening on Saturday at 1511 N Milwaukee, (7-10pm) “Subprime” is participating in the Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, at Plumbers Hall: 1340 W Washington, West Loop, Chicago. FYI there is plenty of
Free Parking


Toby Bengelsdorf, Marco Kane Braunschweiler, Amanda Browder, Paul Cary, Greg Cook, Young Joon Kwak, Todd Mattei, Tessa Siddle, Martine Syms, Rodney Lee Jones, Subprime Mortgage (Marvin Astorga & Lily
Robert-Foley), Dead Gods, Ventrilla Kiss

Opening Friday, Oct. 17, 6-10, runs through Sunday, Oct. 19
Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival
Plumbers Hall, 1340 W Washington

Green Lantern Gallery is pleased to present “Subprime,” a 3-day
busking* installation at the Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, for
which the main structural element is– a painting/mobile stage, which
is the subject of an accompanying video piece, and the platform for
the scheduled artists’ performances and exhibitions. The term
‘subprime’ is engendered with the belief that certain communities
represent a lower order.  Taking this for granted, the stage is that
spot in town reserved for the sad and lowly, where through a
performance, a video, or an art object, visual and aural pleasure is
proffered to the audience, with the hope of accruing gratuity(-ies).

* Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips and

Subprime Busking Schedule October 17-19

6:00    Greg Cook, Monument
7:15    Rodney Lee’s Soul Transfusion
8:30    Subprime Mortgage

1230    Paul Cary
2:30     Subprime Mortgage
5:00     Amanda Browder, Gorilla

1:00     Tessa Siddle, Hey Fox
2:30     Toby Bengelsdorf
3:30     Dead Gods
4:30     Ventrilla Kiss

Videos by Young Joon Kwak, and Marco Kane Braunschweiler & Martine
Syms will be shown simultaneously, Friday & Saturday.  On Sunday
October 19, a video by Todd Mattei will close out the show.

Great Interiors is a contemplative video piece by Marco Kane
Braunscwheiler and Martine Syms, about intimate public spaces.

Subprime is a video by Young Joon Kwak, which explores the connection
between a painting/stage on casters, and Sally Struthers.


Hey Fox!!: A multi-media performance.
Tessa Siddle is proud to premier a new performance at the Green
Lantern Booth at the Around the Coyote Fall Festival, this Sunday,
October the 19th. “Hey Fox!!,” seeks to blur the line between the
personification of animals and the de-personification of the artist by
performing legendary animal behaviors whilst confessing personal and
animal desires through live video feeds.

Donations go directly to the artist.

for more info go to:

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