Save Me

October 2, 2008

You promise?


you’re smart, seems like you know what you’re talking about…

I do feel like you care,

It’s just that I’ve been so used and abused,

I want to believe you, I do,

You are fair,

and strong…


– Lil Elote


One Response to “Save Me”

  1. Why Listen?

    strong Verbs, Personalized Nouns speaking to you

    Promising Change while nodding stabilty

    Utilizing Sound bytes to blockade your perception

    Hollywood makeup to cover up your knowledge

    While the whole time you ponder

    “what a nice man. Good man.”

    Ignoring the knock from the back

    Demanding entry and acknowledgement

    Screaming to you in the smallest whisper

    “You know who I am.”

    Well that was fun. cheers.

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