Why You Should Go To The Library.

September 16, 2008

I am a college student. I have been for the past 4 years (more if you count the coursework I did towards my high school diploma), and will be for 2 more years (more if you count graduate school). As a college student, I do a lot of research, both for classes and for my own nerdy enjoyment. I often have to do this research online, since I live off-campus, and until very recently, went to a school with a library that closes at 8 and frankly isn’t very good (this is no longer true. Now I go to a school with a fabulous library that closes at midnight). One night, while frustrated with the amount, and quality, of available research in a particular topic, I compiled this list. I thought about sending it to McSweeney’s, but then I remembered this beautiful blog, and my beautiful sister who has asked me to contribute to this beautiful blog, and decided that sending it here was most certainly a better course of action.

I know that this is a long prelude to a short list, but due to recent developments on this blog, we thought it politic to include something. Also, I want to emphasize that the first list, and not the second, is what I would use to describe this blog.


Qualities one expects to find in an academic work:





-Proper grammar

-Correct punctuation


Qualities one rarely finds on the internet:





-Proper grammar

-Correct punctuation


.Sarah Blake, R.G.S.


5 Responses to “Why You Should Go To The Library.”

  1. Serena Worthington Says:

    I didn’t know this blog was academic.

  2. Man Boob Says:

    This blog is the stuff of your wildest dreams

  3. urbesque Says:

    I believe, it’s the qualities listed of being academic, not the being academic itself.

    – Anne.

  4. Sarah Blake Says:

    Well, also, I was concerned that people might think I was calling it unreliable, unviable, etc. and I’m not. And I wanted to make that clear.

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