ellen mary cronin, resident badass

June 25, 2008

Introducing The Green Lantern’s new CHEESE critic, Ellen Mary Cronin, resident badass.  Ellen Mary Cronin was born and raised in the Sunset District of San Francisco, CA., where she learned to drink 40’s, wear baseball caps, take down the SDI, and tell the future.  She is a woman of numerous talents, and can do many things better than you—although she would never admit this.  She holds an art degree from USF, where she was also a resident badass, and was the recipient of the prestigious i-kick-ass fellowship.  She has extensive training in the retail arts, and has worked at such fine retail establishments as, Tower Records, Into video, Green Apple books etc.  Obviously, she has a penchant for selling rectangularly shaped objects.  She currently holds the position of assistant cheese buyer for a certain unnamed organics-focused gastro-megalith in San Franciso.  She is extremely sexy & charming, and always maintains a faithful cabinet of unrequited suitors.  She also has cool hair.  She knows more about cheese than you.  She can also drink more whisky than you. 


Ellen Mary Cronin will be the author of the forthcoming, “Triple Milk Threat” series that will feature reviews of cheese and other profound observations about essentialities.  The first installment, “how i deal with retail” is now available on The Green Lantern Press blog (see below). 


 Thank you.

– Lily


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